About Opteryx


Opteryx GmbH is a Systems Integrator and Management Company specializing in IT Security. Experts in both turn-key and integrated projects, we offer expertise, commitment, and financially smart solutions for securing data and identity management in all industries. 

We are about security. In today’s world of identity and IP theft through cyber-attacks, we offer solutions based on two interconnecting ideas- protect the data, protect access to your data. These simple ideas are the bases for anything from authenticating email messages and online transactions to protecting and controlling access to state sensitive information, both physically as well virtually. 

Together with our comprehensive though specific range of solutions, we at Opteryx use the extensive, accumulated experience and knowledge of our specialists and consultants in order to provide our customers with unique, vendor neutral concepts which are appropriate both for the level of user interfacing, as well as financing. 

No matter what the industry, in today’s world there are no institutions, organizations, business or individuals without information that is either sensitive or personal. At Opteryx, our goal is to protect just that. 

and above all - seamless, high quality service!